Katharina Gundermann

As a trained sports professional, Pilates and Yoga instructor

Katharina has worked at an orthopaedic rehabilitation centre, as a personal trainer at “JOOP Women Fitness” in Berlin, and has led pregnancy, postnatal and women’s exercise groups at adult education centres and in a private fitness club. She now works as a personal trainer for women in Zurich. She led recreational sports classes for children and Buggy Fitness Groups in Zurich. She teaches a powerful but gentle Yoga influenced by ChiYoga/Luna Schmidt and VinyasaYoga/Marie Licht.

Whatever your sport, your fitness level and your goal – Katharina can motivate you and help you.

As a trained physiotherapist

Katharina has worked in private practice in Berlin, independently in London and in The Hague, and most recently at the Centre for Sport and Joint Surgery at the private clinic Pyramide at Lake Zurich. Ever since she trained, she has had a particular interest in the female body and its special needs at times of menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.

Whatever your posture, stamina, muscular strength, joint condition or metabolism – Katharina knows what she must pay particular attention to for you.

As the mother of two sons

Katharina has experienced the changes of the body, the hormones and self-image herself. She knows from personal experience how challenging it is to care for a newborn, a toddler with tantrums and a teenager and at the same time to give due consideration to your partner, household, friends, hobbies as well as yourself. Katharina founded “Personal Training for Women” in 2010 to encourage women not to neglect themselves and their bodies whilst giving them greater flexibility in their daily routine.

As individual as every pregnancy, every birth, every baby and every woman – Katharina can empathise and understands your problems.

Flora Vigors

As a certified personal trainer and sports massage therapist

Flora worked for a renowned London clinic and ran her own personal training business in the UK. There she gained a breadth of experience catering for a highly global clientele. The focus of her work was predominately improving functional strength, endurance performance, weight loss and posture training.

Flora’s training was organised around the clients’ requirements regarding time and venue. She worked with her clients on practice premises, in health clubs and in adjacent public parks.

Flora has successfully taken part in a number of major races on the global marathon circuit, e.g. London, Paris and Berlin, and represented Team GB in the 2014 European Triathlon Championships in Kitzbühel, Austria. The experience she gained there is now helping her clients who compete in races themselves.

As a certified physiotherapist

Flora worked in various hospitals and at sporting events in the UK. Her main field of expertise has been the treatment of muscular skeletal disorders and muscular injuries e.g. muscular imbalances, joint instabilities, repetitive strain and other sporting injures. She has been uniquely interested in the special requirements of high performance athletes, e.g. marathon runners, triathletes and mountaineers, and their particular needs during and after pregnancy.

As team member of Personal Training Zurich

Flora is excited to use her varied experience and knowledge of the female body in a broad range of phases and circumstances. For example working from pregnancy through post-natal recovery to menopause. In addition, specifically tailoring all work to the requirements of each individual client such as: preparation for a marathon; targeted body toning for clients in the media and fashion industry; and post-surgical treatments.

“Katharina`s philosophy and approach to training, as practiced at ‘Personal Training Zurich’, is a great match with my own view of what healthy, sustainable and holistic training for women should be like.”

Andrea Merkt

As a certified sports- and physiotherapist

Andrea worked in private practices and hospitals in Zurich with orthopaedic and rheumatic patients. For her short term clients her focus was on remediating muscular imbalances and instabilities of the joints through strength training and stretching as well as on pain reduction. For her long term patients her focus was on physical rehabilitation after sports injuries and surgical interventions as well as on long term treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain.

As a trainer and mountain tour guide

Andrea was leading a variety of sports and fitness classes, e.g. Aquafit, Nordic Walking, Pilates and Medical Training Therapy as well as ski and alpine mountaineering groups within the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). She also coached a basketball team and supported a handball team as a physiotherapist. In her capacity as SAC tour guide she was particularly inspired by motivating people of different ages, abilities and fitness levels to reach the summit out of their own strength. It has always been a particular pleasure for her to share her intense knowledge and experience with her clients – especially to prepare them for possible risks and to equip them to deal with those.

As mother of two

Andrea was awed by the experience of the changes to her own body that her pregnancy and childbirth caused. She started to look deeper into the areas of pregnancy and recovery from childbirth from a physiotherapy perspective. During that time she became keenly aware of the importance of taking care of one`s own body to be healthy, strong and have sufficient energy to master daily life with children.

“As a team member of Katharina Gundermann – Personal Training Zurich I am very happy to be able to share my knowledge and experience with our clients and to help them achieve their goals.”

Nicole Stangl

As a physiotherapist

Nicole has extensive work experience, in both, clinics and private practices. She took care of acute patients as well as clients during their recovery phase. Her focus included the treatment of chronic pain and working with pre- and post-natal women, including women suffering from incontinence.

As a Pilates Care instructor

She supports a team of instructors and is a member of the examination board. Nicole teaches Pilates for groups and individuals. Her primary concern is the slow and precise performance of the exercises under supervision to increase the clients body perception and to effectively strengthen the deep core, back and pelvis floor muscles.

As mother and family person

She is aware of the challenges and importance of finding time to do sports. She tries to keep her body fit with Yoga, Pilates, running and weight training. Nicole applies the method of integrated kinesiology to strengthen her mental fitness.

“As a team member of Katharina Gundermann – Personal Training Zurich I am excited about supporting my clients to increase their physical and mental strength and endurance, and to help them on their way to a positive body image.”

Sandra Mikhail

As a clinical dietitian and accredited nutritionist…

Sandra is an internationally-known accredited practising dietitian, a nutrition blogger as well as the founder of Nutrition A-Z and co-founder of The Wellbeing Hub. Being a globe-trotting dietitian, she has extensive experience in clinical practice, nutrition consulting and health promotion, working in hospitals and medical centres in Australia, the UAE and Switzerland. She now leads her practice in Zurich where her main areas of speciality include digestive disease, weight management, eating disorders, sports nutrition as well as women’s health.

As a recent mother…

Sandra has welcomed her little boy last November, which has opened up a whole new door in dealing with postnatal issues. From personal experience, she has started to educate and help women deal with the hurdles of being a new mum which include body image struggles, nourishment and meal prep. She plans to launch her own version of a “Mum-Bod” program with the aim of getting reacquainted with your postnatal body, working with it and not against it! The focus is on nourishment, planning and education rather than weight and getting that “bikini body” post-baby.

Working with Personal Training Zurich…

Sandra is extremely excited to team up with Personal Training Zurich to offer clients an individualised journey that meets their nutritional needs and goals alongside their training plan. Evidence-based practice forms the foundation of her work so forget the fads and quick fixes and get a qualified dietitian on your side!

Healthy comes in different shapes and forms so forget about a “one-size fits all” approach.